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Hello, hi and welcome!

This is my portfolio website. 

I am a filmmaker, artist, wannabe

musician, father and aspiring weirdo. 


Because nothing extraordinary ever happened from "normal"

More stuff about moi

Freelancer who is open for any kind of creative, short or long term work anywhere.

I belive in:

Kindness, collaboration, learning, change, nature, equality, cool shit, satire, trust, minimalism, Internationalism, giving more then you take, listening,

not being a dick.

Viktor Jonsson

Currently living in Småland, Sweden looking for other creatives who wants to connect.

I like to:

Watch movies (duh), make movies, make art, take photos of people, hang with awesome partner and son, singing, jamming, rewatch TV shows I’ve watched 100 times, travel, explore, laugh, not being a dick.

Companies I've worked with.

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